Casting Lessons

A big part of enjoying the art of fly fishing is to present the fly to the fish with a good cast, and good casting technique should be learned and practiced.

John Smeraglio has been fly fishing since the age of 10 and in those young years (when he wasn’t fishing) he practiced on his casting technique as often as he could to become more accurate, and proficient.

Another very important aspect of fishing with flies is to be able to present the artificial in such a manner that it entices the fish to accept it. This is accomplished with line management skills, called “mending".

For years John has taught many fly Anglers to cast and present flies in a way that makes sense regardless of His or Her experience.

Casting Lessons
1 hour streamside casting lesson:
single hand rod or double hand (Spey) rod;
$75.00 for One Angler
$135.00 for Two Anglers

Instruction is designed for Novice to Advanced Students learning to cast both
Right to Left, & Left to Right current directions, proper hand positions, dealing with wind, and extreme short back cast space.

Schedule an Appointment with John Smeraglio today, and Get Cast-in!!

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