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Deschutes River - Lower - June 11th, 2011
  • Recorded:
  • Mostly sunny
  • 63 ° F 
  • Fishing: Good
  Deschutes River Redside Trout Report:

Trout fishing is good! There are those off and on times like any other day but for the most part, its been fun!      

The Golden Stone hatch is still happening, good numbers of the big boys from Maupin up to Warm Springs. A few Salmon flies still hanging around, but they have faded slightly in numbers. Adults are active throughout the late morning untill dark. Green Drakes are hatching midday with good results. Lots of other may flies popping in the afternoon, PMD’s & PED’s shoud be in the air from 1 until 3 PM. 


Clarity has improved, green color,15 feet visibility and fishes good all day long. You will find trout feeding on dries, wets, and nymphs in back eddies, inside current seams, fast water pockets and steep bank runs. Be mindful, that with these high water levels, the grass hummocks along the bank will be under water in most areas. Make your cast just to the outside of them, and find trout laying there in anticipation of food.  


Igloo Case Building Caddis, (20’s) Free Living caddis,(14’s) Mahogany duns,(16’s) PMD’s,(16’s) and PED’s (12)’s are hatches that are in good numbers and should be fished if the big bugs aren’t working. Don’t forget about midge, they hatch all year long, and if you don’t mind fishing these (18’s) (20’s) (22’s) in the slow water, you can sometimes save the day. 


A good plan is to take a few moments to study and look for rising or sipping trout in back eddies, and slack water, just inside a current edge that forms a food gathering seam. Nothing there? No sweat, head for the tree lines and work your way up stream at a good pace. Have fun !!!  


If you have Q’s, Please don’t hesitate to call, John Smeraglio, Nate Morris, or Joe Ringo, ...             We’d be glad to help! 

                         (541) 395-2565,     

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