Deschutes River

The Deschutes is a wild and complex river providing many kinds of fish habitat. Unraveling the river's secrets in a daunting task best accomplished with local guide, John Smeraglio. From outfitting to guiding to special instruction, Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop can help you tie into an unforgettable fishing adventure.

Winding its way through Oregon's beautiful high desert country, the Deschutes River offers some of the world's finest and most productive fly fishing. Throughout the year you'll be challenged by native "red-sides" from one to two pounds of wily, hard fighting trout. From midsummer to late fall experience the ultimate fly-fishing adventure as you battle the Deschutes' world-renowned wild steelhead.

HOME WATERS FOREVER...... The wild fish of the Deschutes have the rare circumstance of being a truly indigenous species. They were not introduced to the river by man, but are natural denizens of the river. Taking care of these fish is our responsibility. We practice catch and release techniques to keep our fish healthy and abundant. Hooking, playing, and properly handling the fish for a safe and quick release, ensures fish survival. Maupin, on the banks of the Deschutes River, is our home. Even the smallest change in the river or the weather affects the fishing. From our unique vantage point at water's edge, we have first-hand and accurate information about fishing the Deschutes. For today's fishing conditions on the Deschutes, please give us a call. (541) 395-2565
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